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I need to contact Douglas Allen KASS, president of Seebreeze Partners
Management Inc.

He claims that he and Sandy KOUFAX share the same grandparents. It is
critical that I know their first names to prove my ties to Sandy. It
should be Samuel/Shmueyl KOVAC and Sara but Doug says his grandfather
was Harry, born 1900 and does not give his grandmother's given name.

I have confirmed after many years that I am related to Bessie/Bettie
KOUFAX (born 1879), spouse of Louis KOUFAX (born 1874).

Sandy's ancestors were sephardic Hungarian Jews who lived in Grodno,
Belarus, where my mother came from. I have no evidence of sephardic
Hungarian connection in my family but my grandfather's surname sounds
mysteriously Hungarian: BADASZ.

My grandmother's maiden name was KUSZNER. I need to know Bessie's
maiden name. How can I get in touch with Doug Kass?

David Price, Toronto

Researching: BADASZ/KUSZNER of Grodno, Belarus; PRAJS of Bieliny,
Kielce; GORLICKI of Chmielnik

MODERATOR: In this - as in so much else in life - the Google is our
friend. Try Seabreeze, rather than Seebreeze.

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