JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen FIndagrave & photo request [was (old) Montefiore (NYC) Cemetery?] #general

Delaplace, Christine

Shelley Mitchell (7 June 2016) wrote:

Is anyone going out to (old) Montefiore Cemetery in Queens and willing
to photograph a double headstone (or side by side)? It's in Block 6.
If so, please contact me directly for names and location specifics.
I can even send you a map of the cemetery. It's my great aunt and uncle.

If you go to you can check and see if graveyard in Queens, USA
has already been catalogued, with picture uploaded, or make a request

If you give the information of the person in cemetary and make a
memorial you can request a picture of the gravesite. I have had many
pictures done this way.

Christine Delaplace,

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