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David W. Perle

Hi, all. My mom's family name once they came to the U.S. (Cleveland) became
BLUM, and that was changed >from PRZEGRODA in Poland. Her grandfather Leizer
was the first to come, in 1910, and he changed it to Blum.

His father was Binyimin Hirsch Przegroda and Binyimin followed Leizer in
1912 and adopted that new surname, and went by Harry Blum in Cleveland.

It's been a bit unclear where "Blum" came from. My mom says vaguely that
supposedly they snatched it >from some other family use in Poland. Another
branch's written memory involves Binyimin having come to the U.S. first
(I've now disproven that with ship passenger records, unless theoretically
he came first before going back to Poland only to come back again, but I
see no reason to think that) and that "because his Hebrew name Benyamin
was written in Polish as Blum at the point of entry ... his first name was
written as his last name."

That never made much sense to me.

*However* - I received a very interesting translation this morning of
Binyimin's eldest daughter's marriage record, Estera Malka Przegroda.
Imagine my surprise when reading it to get to where her parents were
named and her father's given name was provided as *Blum*!

A few years ago I noticed that a feminine given name of Bluma does exist,
and I looked to see if Blum was ever used as a masculine given name. I
didn't find much indicating that.

But now this.

Is/was Blum used as a first name? Might it have been a nickname for

David W. Perle
Washington, DC


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