JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen New Brooklyn, Queens, Newark Naturalizations + Lithuania Vital Records available on FamilySearch #general

Michael Moritz

FamilySearch has been adding a significant number of digitized records
to its online collections. Although these sources are not evident from
the list of records that are available, the following sources have
been scanned and are freely searchable on FamilySearch.

Of note: these records are not indexed on FamilySearch, so you have to
manually search through the records yourself, but with the countless
resources we have, this can be made easier.

1. New York, Eastern District Naturalization Petitions

Available are all petitions until the year 1958, which far exceeds the
documents available on or any other site. To find the
requisite record, use ancestry to locate the petition number and then
the following link contains all the records. Click on the camera icon
next to the film to view the documents.
[or --Mod.]

This is a significant addition of about two decades of additional
records for Brooklyn and Queens.

2. New Jersey District Court at Newark Naturalization Petitions

Available are all petitions for the years 1914 to 1945. An index to
these records is available on

I don't believe these records have ever been available online.
[or --Mod.]

3. Jewish Records of Lithuania

As far as I can tell, all Jewish vital records filmed by the LDS Church
for the country of Lithuania have been digitized and are available
online. On FamilySearch, go to Catalog, type in the town name, then on
Jewish records, and there should be a link next to the record looking
like a camera. Many (or most) of these records have been indexed by
JewishGen, so using an index >from JewishGen might easily help you find
the original.

Happy searching!

Michael Moritz
New York

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