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I'm in need of help finding more information on my
second-great-grandfather Jacob Breslow. He was born around 1855 in
Slutzk, Minsk, Russia and immigrated in late 1898. His first wife
Batya died around 1897 and he later married Dora Rudnizky in Manhattan
where he lived until his death.

The 1910 and 1920 Federal Censuses list his occupation as "Sexton" in
a "Synagogue"
The 1915 NYC Census lists his occupation as "Sexton"
The 1917 city directory lists his occupation as "Sexton"
The 1915 city directory lists his name as "Rev Jacob Breslow"

I can't find any more comprehensive information anywhere. What
synagogue did he work at? What was his actual occupation? I've read
that sexton can mean anything >from Rabbi to gravedigger.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Danny Breslow, New Jersey
Surnames: Breslow (Slutzk, Kletzk) Rappaport (Hlybokaye) Jablonski,
Blecher, Babekier (Bialystok) Chudnovsky (Tahancha) Lita, Barzov
(Korets) Metzik (Slonim) Gergas (Oleksandriya)

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