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cecilia <myths@...>

On 21 Jun 2016 04:47:34 -0700, Julian Levy

Can anyone suggest where a Jew and a Christian might have married in England
in the mid-late 1820s?

Mark Levy was >from Plymouth (Devon, England) and Mary Lambert was from
Christchurch (Dorset - then Hampshire, England).
They made their home in the Channel Islands so it's possible they married

Mark retained his Jewishness, so it's extremely unlikely they married in a
church, even supposing it were possible.
I have read that, before civil registration, in areas where there
were very few Jews those that were there might marry in a church
or, more often, have their children baptised, just to have evidence of
the marriages and births.

Where I read this may (or may not) have been either "The Lost Jews of
Cornwall" or Susser, "The Jews of South-West England" - or somewhere
else. Or maybe my memory plays me false.

Cecilia Nyleve

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