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Traude Triebel

Johannes Reiss, director >from the Jewish Museum Eisenstadt, made a new
update for the Jewish cemetery Triest

"A benefactor to all who fell down, he lifted them up" (Dr. Sigismond
Spierer, 1925) A follow-up regarding the Jewish cemetery of Trieste: Another
187 graves have been put online (altogether there are 349 now), 791
individual names are indexed! Again one finds prominent names such as the
famous liquor dynasty Stock or Luzzatto, Morpurgo and Minerbi and several
families >from Vienna, Hohenems and Burgenland (such as Gerstl, Brunner or
Ascoli), there is the headstone of Trieste's long-time chief rabbi Dr. Paolo
Nissim, a headstone >from Trieste's old Jewish cemetery from
1836 and many beautiful and touching grave inscriptions in Hebrew which have
all been translated - and also many Triestine Jews which fell victim to the
Nazi terror.

Traude Triebel
A-2700 Wr.Neustadt

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