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David W. Perle

Greetings, all. Through Ancestry, I've found information pertaining to wills
or probate records which may or may not pertain to my fourth great-grandfather,
one being for a Simeon ABRAHAMS described as "Wills, Vol 0166-0167, 1865-1867"
for New York City, and another for Siamon ABRAHAMS, described as "Index to
Wills, Vol A-Z, 1910-1923." The trouble is, both Ancestry links take me to
index info and I'm having difficulty finding the actual records. Are they there
and I'm missing something, or is that all that's online?

This gentleman may or may not be related to me. I'm not even sure if my fourth
great-grandfather by that name ever came to the U.S. I've found immigration
records for that name as well and I'm keeping it all in my back pocket in hopes
that I'm able to make a match at a later time. Now, if I'm able to find probate
records which which note his wife and/or their daughter Emillie/Amelia/Millie,
that will do the trick!

(Also: It seems I'm violating a lesson I'd learned previously about posting too
many questions at once--apologies it it takes me a while to respond to messages
because it takes me a while to process the various responses to my various

David Perle
Washington, DC


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