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Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>

Shelley asked for direct responses, but her query may be of help to others.

In order for us to help, you have to provide more detail for us.

Can you supply:
1. Her age at time of death?
2. Place of birth?
3. Marital status?
3. Any other details such as parents’ or spouse’s names?

The above info helps us narrow the field and eliminate candidates.

Based on the little info she did provide:
Searching for deaths in 1938 +/- 10 years:

a. Rosa Morganstern, b. 1880,“Austria”, d. April 1948, Brooklyn; resided Bklyn.
b. Rose Morganstien, b. 1869, Poland, d. Mar 1943, the Bronx; resided Bronx
c. Rose Morganstein, b. 1888, ?, d. Sep 1943, Manhattan 2131681
d. Rose Morgenstern, b. 1863, ?, d. Jun 1933, Brooklyn. 2070653
e. Rose Morgenstein, b. 1881, Russia, d. Feb 1935, Manhattan. 2078705
f. Rose Morgenstein, b. 1878, Poland, d. 1948, Brooklyn; resided Bklyn. 2168266
g. Rose Morgenstein, b. 1872, Austria, d. Aug 1938, Manhattan; resided Bronx.
h. Rose Morgenstern, b. 1864, Russia, d. Aug 1933, Brooklyn, 2071088
i. Rose Morgenstein, b. 1874, Russia, d. Feb 1943, Brooklyn; resided Bklyn.

Since you are not sure if she died at Bellevue, you cannot rule out those who
resided outside Manhattan.

Unless you can supply some/all of the info I listed above, your only choice
will be to order the films >from the FHL and view them. The film numbers are
listed after each entry.

You may want to check FindAGrave and see if someone listed her.

Good luck,
Barbara Mannlein
Tucson, AZ

On Jul 12, 2016, at 9:35 AM, Shelley Mitchell wrote:
“grandmother. …… her first name was Rose and her married name was MORGANSTERN.
The family story is that while she was cooking a meal for the Jewish holidays,
her apron caught fire. She suffered severe burns and was taken to the hospital
(probably Bellevue) where she died.
This occurred most likely on the Lower East Side.

Time period - sometime before 1943. I'm guessing 1930 - 1943.
I've looked in Ancestry, Familysearch, and Jewishgen.
I've tried to find her name in death records and some newspapers.
Does anyone have any ideas about what else I can do next?

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