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Amity Horowitz <amityhorowitz@...>

My great-uncle, Yakov Gedalia Ashman, was living in Ekaterinsoslav(now
Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) when his daughter Feiga immigrated to Boston in 1913.
According to an older relative, the story is that "Rabbi Gedalia"
was snatched by people >from a neighboring village who wanted a rabbi.

Has anyone heard of something like this happening to a rabbi? It
sounds fanciful ... but perhaps it helps explain how he came to live
so far >from Kamen, near Lepel in the Vitebsk gubernia, where I believe
he was born (probably around 1860) and where his relatives continued
to live, according to what I've been able to find out.

I'd love to learn of any insights, suggestions, or specific information.

Amity Horowitz / Arlington, Virginia
RIGERMAN, LIFSON, LIFSHITZ, ASHMAN - Kamen and Ulla (near Lepel inVitebsk gubernia)
ASHMAN - Ekaterinoslav

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