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Carolyn Lea

Vivian Salama asks where to find b., m., d., records for the 20th
Century (NYC) online. I see so many questions of this nature I would
like to suggest a few basic steps for locating records, what years are
available, and what qualifications are required for you to obtain
them. Not all are online!

1) Google the state you are interested in ( in NY you will need to
look at both the state and NYC sites - there is a link at the the
state site to go to NYC).

2) When you get to the State site (Health Dept as far as I know for
the US) check what years are available to the public, i.e., without
proof of a direct relationship ( my 2nd cousin 3 times removed is not
direct), if you will receive a genealogical certificate (some states
and may have some things removed depending on state) or a regular one.

3) Check all requirements for access, relationship, time periods,
etc.Some states do not release the information for 50 years or 100.
Others,it is available right away. In Oklahoma you have to be the person
named on the certificate to get a copy of the death record. Think
about it!!!

4) You may order directly >from the state or >from a service.

5) Birth records follow the same process. Marriage records are often
held at the county of marriage (and this may depend on the year) and
again you will need to find the requirements there.

5) Records online. Not all records are online. Again, it depends on
the state. When you google for the state you are interested in you
will bring up pages of sites - look through and see what is available
or change your search to: (state) death (birth or marriage) records
online. For some you may find only indexes, for others images, others
- nothing. Check Ancestry, Family Search, USGenweb, and other genealogy sites.

6) Check the Jewishgen archives for questions that may have been
answered multiple times. Just a few days ago Allen Jordan informed us
that the records held at the NYC Public Library had been removed so it
would now be more difficult to find death records without the specific
information you need.

For Vivian's question: NY State (if not meeting access requirements)
Genealogical Copy Birth:75 yrs with proof of death, Marriage: 50 years
with proof of death for both spouses Death: 50 years NYC: Records for NYC are held
at the Municipal Archives which include: Birth before 1909, Death through 1948, and
marriages through 1929. Birth and death after that time will be held at the NYC
Dept of Health and marriage records require contacting the City Clerk.

For Vivian, it depends on which type of record and when in the 20th century she is
searching. With the fear of identity theft, restrictions are changing constantly
so it is important to keep up with the changes taking place. For some reason some
people would rather believe that this happens because people research a family
history rather than hack huge databases (banks, medical, dept store, university,
IRS), steal a computer left on a car seat (such as the brokerage firm case), or
checking Facebook to see if you are on vacation.

Carolyn Lea (Schwarzbaum)
Researching: SCHWAR(T)ZBAUM > Posen, Prussia >New York, Savannah,
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