JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Disappearance of Trail in Paterson, New Jersey??? #general

Ann Rabinowitz

It appears that perhaps it isn't a disappearance that is in order here with this
family, but not enough types of records have been checked. For instance,
considering it is 1940 which is the disappearance point, it is likely that male
members of the family were drafted or volunteered into the military for World War
II and the father would be listed in the old man's draft listing.

Usually, city directories have the names of individuals and/or their businesses or
residences and should be checked.

I know >from my family in Paterson, they might have been considered "disappeared"
as they did the following things:
One son moved to Bridgeport, CT, to live with his aunt during high school and
another son moved to go to college at Rutgers. Later, one son moved to Florida to
work and then was drafted for the Air Force and moved to England and didn't return
until 1946 when he returned to Florida to work. Neither of the sons moved back to

In other Paterson "disappearances", cousins moved to nearby towns such as
Plainfield, Perth Amboy, and other suburbs of the towns which came into general and
popular use after the war in order to open businesses.

The most common "disappearance" was that of the women in the family who married and
moved to other towns or states following their husbands and trends to move to new
suburbs and places for better opportunities.

A final consideration of "disappearance" were those individuals in the family who
died and their spouses remarried thereby leaving no trail. In fact, I remember a
Paterson family whose husband died and the mother took herself and all of her
children to Plainfield to live and after that the children married and moved to
different places. This was also the case of individuals who retired and moved
usually to Florida. However, checking the Social Security records could find them
easily enough if they had signed up for it.

So, I suggest trying a greater array of records and places in New Jersey or even
Florida. For instance, Florida has a 1935 and 1945 Census.

Ann Rabinowitz

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