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Dear All,

I am searching for information about Rosa SMILOWSKI

Rosa SMILOWSKI: born on 12/04/1913 in Birkenhead in England, after the First World
War the family lived in Berlin, Rosa was sent to a school in the present-day Czech
Republic. In 1934 the SMILOWSKIS fled to Villeneuve-sur-Lot, France, where Rose met
Werner MELCHIKER, born in Berlin in 1910, a fellow refugee >from Nazi persecution.

Rosa and Werner got engaged and moved to England in 1937. In August 1938 Werner
MELCHIKER came back to France alone, where he joined the Foreign Legion in
November. After the defeat of the French army in 1940, Werner went back to live in
Villeneuve-sur-Lot, with Rosa's parents, before being arrested in 1941 by the
authorities of Vichy France. On 4th September 1942 he was deported >from Drancy to
Auschwitz and murdered.

Since Rose was born in England, she was automatically a British citizen. It is
clear that she lived in England until at least 1948, as she can be found in the
electoral rolls. After this date she disappears. There are rumours she later lived
in the Strasbourg area and I believe that there might descendants in New York.

I do appreciate that this might be a sensitive subject for members of Rosa's
family: I have been asked by a German Friend, Axel HUBER, to document the French
part of Werner MELCHIKER's short existence for the descendants of his brother, who
did not share his fate. We wish, if possible to, give some sort of history, or
continuity to the people contained in the rare photos that Werner's family has of
his life.

Alexander WATSON
Genas, near Lyon, France

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