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David Ziants

I am seeking descendants the OSMAN family >from Glasgow, Scotland -
originally >from Lomza, Lodz, Warsaw or the village of Narewka, and
migrated to there at the beginning of the 20th century. Please respond
privately if you have any information on this family.

The original family name was ISMA (or ISHMA as my paternal grandmother pronounced
it). Abraham OSMAN (1892-1941) was the brother of my great-grandfather Alter
Yosseph. Alter, together with his father Isaac and his other siblings,
changed the family name to DAVIDSON and migrated to London at the same
time. The OSMAN and DAVIDSON branches lost contact with each other, but
I was able to locate information >from Scottish records, graves, etc - on
Abraham, his wife Fanny nee BARULA and some of her family - as well as children
Isaac (b 1922) and Yoseph - and there was a baby who died a few months old.

I have already been told by the Glasgow Jewish community archivist there, that the
family have no paper work/grave stones in Scotland beyond the second generation
so he was not able to give me any information I did not already know.

My family tree can be reviewed at:

David Ziants
Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

Researching >from father's side:- ZIANTS, ZENETSKY, FRIEDMAN, ISMA
(ISHMA, OSMAN, DAVIDSON) >from Narewka, Lodz, Lumza, Warsaw and then
later UK, USA, Canada and S. America
Researching >from mother's side: GEWELBA (GABLE, GALE, BORDELL), SINGER
(MICHAEL), VIYERYA, RODERIGUES >from UK and Netherlands

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