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Judith Singer

By far the best on-line resource for determining the American version
of Yiddish names is JewishGen's Given Names Database. You type in the
European country, the Yiddish name, and it will provide you with a
list of other versions of the name used in the home country as well as
the names most likely to be used in the U.S.

Unfortunately, the GNDB, although it contains a multitude of
alternatives for each Yiddish name, does not have a "sounds like"
feature and so the spelling must be exact. It took me months to
realize that though it would not recognize Iosel and Iudel, it did
have data for Yosel and Yudel. The user sometimes has to experiment
creatively with Yiddish spellings to get a result.

Or you'd have to know that Chaskel is also spelled Khatskel, Haskl and
several other ways in Yiddish records The most frequent American
version of the name is Charles, followed by Ezekiel / Harry / Haskel /
Henry / Hyman.. (Ezekiel? you may be asking yourself. Yes, Khatskel is
a form of Yechezkeyl.)

Hinda is in the GNDB for Lithuania and its most frequent Americanized
versions were Anna, Hanna, Helen, Hilda, Ida and Irma.

JewishGen provides a wealth of information; it's just very difficult
to find sometimes. Good hunting!

Judith Singer
researching CHARNY and variations in Lithuania, SORTMAN / SORTAN /
SARTON in Lithuania, SINGER in Galicia.

From: Shari Kantrow <>
Perhaps someone can help me.My great-grandmother's sister Hinda KARPET (b. abt
1870)in Kamenets-Podolskiy was married to someone named Chaskel (Wiener ?). They
lived in Brooklyn, NY on President St. until the 1960s. I am unaware if they had
any children. My mother has no idea what their American names were

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