JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Where did my GGrandfather originate? #general

Ivor Carr

I have recently recommenced research into my maternal ggrandparents
genealogy, but have not been able to determine >from where my ggrandfather
came before arriving in Liverpool, UK.

He appears to have arrived >from Russian Poland in about 1867 with the name
Mordchi Goldberg, but sometime before he applied for naturalisation some 25
years later, changed it to Morris Samuels. His parents were Samuel and
Sarah Eva Goldberg, so I suppose he may have adopted his father's given name
for a reason which at the moment escapes me.

I have placed parts of two documents in Viewmate. They are separate
documents, but comprise parts of his application for Naturalisation and the
acceptance of that application. The references to where he came >from in
Poland in both therefore refer to the same location.

Any help that I can be give to discover where this town or village is or
was, will be very much appreciated. Also, if It can be positively
identified, do records exist for the location, and how can they be accessed?

Ivor Carr

Researching: Karnovsky, Vilkija, Lituania
Eintract (Intract), Krakow
Samuels (Goldberg), Liverpool

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