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Nancy Levin

Hi - I have been writing some material on specific Jewish metrikal
records >from Bialystok and am now trying to find a Cyrillic font which I
can buy / access / download / use which includes the *entire* set of
Cyrillic cursive (script) letters.

I have access to the printed Cyrillic font and most of the cursive
(script) letters through Microsoft Word for Mac. But, while my
Microsoft Word does includes most of the Cyrillic cursive letters, for
some reason, my software does *not* include the cursive capital "Ge" which
can be found in Shea and Hoffman's "In Their Words: Translation Guide for

The Cyrillic cursive, capital "Ge" which they have in their book looks
just like the "Ge" listed in 19th century handwritten records >from
Bialystok. The one which comes with MS Word for Mac does not. (It's
just a capital version of the printed "Ge," not the cursive letter.)

I've scoured the Internet and can't find it in font libraries which
offer different language fonts.

I just wrote to one of the authors of the aforementioned book to see if
they can provide details on their font. In the meantime, perhaps one of
you can lead me to a source?

Thank you.

Nancy Levin
Natick, MA

MODERATOR: Please contact Nancy directly with any relevant information you
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