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Vivian Kahn

Paterson is in Passaic County, NJ, which is adjacent to Bergen County.
Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY, established in 1838, has a major
entrance gateway at Fort Hamilton Parkway and 37th Street. The
buildings at the Fort Hamilton Parkway Entrance that were built in
1876-77 have been designated as a NYC landmark.

Given that the death certificate was issued in NYC, I suspect that your
grandfather is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn and not in
either Passaic or Bergen County, New Jersey. I also suggest that you
contact Martin D. Kasdan of Boulevard-Riverside Chapels, 1895 Flatbush
Avenue, Brooklyn, who is Funeral Director of Union Temple in Brooklyn
and probably a descendant of Albert M. Kasdan, who was a funeral
director in Brooklyn in the early 20th century.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, California
JewishGen Hungarian SIG Coordinator

Subject: Where is Bergen County Cemetery, Paterson, NJ-1923 burial
From: Elizabeth Scofield <>
The 1923 NYC Certificate of Death for my grandfather, Lipman Neinken,
states that he was buried in Bergen County Cemetery, 3700 Ft. Hamilton
Parkway, Paterson, NJ, . ...
I've worked very hard, but cannot locate the cemetery. Any advice?

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