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Suzy Lampert

I was referred to this discussion group by the JewishGen help desk.

I have come back to jewishgen after years of inactivity. I remember
using a jewishgen Holocaust database that allowed Holocaust survivors
and their relatives to search for each other. The Holocaust database
I'm trying to find (used it a few years ago) is the one where
survivors searching for family members list their names, country, camp
they were in, last place lived, year they were taken to the camps,
names of people they are looking for, etc. Also in this database,
family members can list the relatives they are looking for who may
have survived.

The JewishGen help desk says this is not a JewishGen database and
suggested I try the US Holocaust Museum, but it wasn't part of its
database either.

Can you help?

Suzy Lampert
Dallas, Texas USA

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