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David Goldman

As I have mentioned before, I am getting through some old letters written in
Russian by my great-great-grandfather Rabbi Naftali BINDER, who lived in a
town called Mayaki near Odessa to his daughter (my great-grandmother) in
Alberta, Canada.
written on May 29, 1914.

I am trying to figure out how he could have found out about the sinking of a
ship called the Princess of Ireland that sank in St.
Lawrence Seaway with 1000 victims that happened earlier on the same day, May
29, 1914. I had always assumed that news took a week or more to get across
the ocean. And yet many other events that I have found out about in
correspondence >from those days or the late 19th century found their way into
the newspapers long after the events themselves, or even the other way
around, i.e. events in Europe recorded in US or Canadian newspapers.

Have other Jewishgenners had this same incredible encounter about the rapid
transmission of news events in old correspondence between the Old Country
and the US/Canada?

David Goldman

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