JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen BABINDA in Grodno, 1917 - marriage records? #general

Saul Goldstone <saul@...>


My mother, Rose EPSTEIN and most of her family came to this country from
Grodno in 1917. She was 12 years old.

Her older sister, Monya did not come with the family. I believe it was
because she was married. Her married surname is believed to be BABINDA or

Does anyone know if thee are marriage records for that time available?

Saratoga, CA

MODERATOR NOTE: The Moderator's have received this and two other inquires today
with similar questions regarding different communities. We want to point out
that Saul did a few things correctly in his query: he identified the community,
a couple of surnames, the time period and category of record he would like to
know about. These bits of information will definitely help readers in formulating
their responses to his inquiry.

What would also help is sharing information regarding the places one has already
searched for information. Always make sure to look at the relevant JewishGen
Special Interest Group and its donations/project page. In this case, Belarus SIG
should be checked as well as the Grodno community page. There is an ongoing
project to acquire records >from the Grodno (Hrodno) area. We are sure they would
appreciate donations and volunteers.

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