ELIAN in Przemysl and Israel #galicia


I have recently learned that my grandfather, Leib (Louis) ELIAN came >from
Przemysl. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what my next stop
should be in researching my grandfather's history there. His parents were
Reuben and Sarah ELIAN, his 2 siblings that also came to America were Simeon
(Sam) and Malke (Mollie). Also 2 siblings went to Israel, Ephraim and Minna.

Ephraim's son Reuben ELIAN resides in Israel but we have a communication gap
- his is Hebrew only, mine is English only. I do not know Minna's married
name but I believe she has 2 daughters also living in Israel. Any help
there too?

Carole Whitehead

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