JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: South Jersey Jewish marriage records #general

A. E. Jordan

From: Stephen Pickholtz
This marriage took place between 1891 and 1910. The area where it might have
taken place is Salem County New Jersey in and around the numerous Jewish farming
colonies of that time.
Ever time I see a question like this my first though is have you tried to narrow
the time range?

For example for this search:

Starting with the 1900 US Census were they listed as married? How about the 1910
US Census? How about the 1905 NJ State census? (New Jersey also did a state
census in 1895 but that one is harder to work with and I am not sure it covered
every place.)

I do not know the resources specific to the NJ farming communities like city
directories, etc. that might also help to fill in some of the dates.

Of course the birth of a child would also help establish wedding dates.

Narrowing the time range with other available sources is always key to making
one of these searches easier to conduct.

Once you have a narrower time range I would say the best bet is to go to the NJ
State Archives because they have all the counties, etc. and of course consider
the fact that the name is incorrectly spelt as NJ sorts their records off the
family name not soundex or index.

The marriage might also not be in the specific county you think they lived in so
if need be good broader especially if you know where other family members might
have lived. It might even be in New York City or Philadelphia or ......

Of course there is a chance that it was only recorded as a religious ceremony
especially since they might have been in a rural area that made it more
difficult to file records with the State. But the only way to be certain is
going to be to check the State's records.

I am sure some of the other readers can offer thoughts specific to the NJ
farming communities -- my comments are more generic when anyone runs into the
issue of a missing record like this one.

Allan Jordan

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