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Yonatan Ben-Ari

According to our family tradition one of our ancestors was a Rabbi
YOSEF of Breznitz. We don't know his family name (if he had one) and
what town exactly is this place, most likely in the area of Kremenetz,
but there are several towns with similar sounding names.

What we do know is that his wife was a daughter of a Rabbi Arieh ben
Rav Shmuel who were themselves Rabbis of Kremenetz and who were
descendants of Reb. Naftali KATZ (the "Smichat Chachamim") and the

Rabbi Yosef had a son Israel of Ostrov (a chosid of R' Yehoshua
Heschel of Apta) whose son Yosef married the daughter of the Admo"r of
Lechowitz, R' Aharon and Perl.

Would be happy if anyone can identify the town of Brezhnitz (above)
and if the above Yosef had a family name and what it was.


Yoni Ben-Ari,

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