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Josef A. Herz <josef@...>

Carole Whitehead wrote in part:

Ephraim's son Reuben ELIAN resides in Israel but we have a communication
gap- his is Hebrew only, mine is English only. I do not know Minna's
married name but I believe she has 2 daughters also living in Israel. Any
help there too?

Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew translations should not be a problem.

Your note does not indicate where you live - but you may be able to
find local rabbis, teachers of Hebrew in your Jewish community
centers or university, or other people who can offer translation

In Israel the situation is the same. English is taught at the
university level, so there both students an professors who would be
available. Many notary publics who provide services in multiple
languages. Many people in Israel speak English - perhaps one your
relatives neighbors could help.

I checked Alta Vista searching for "Hebrew Translations" - they were
several pages of Hebrew Translation services being offered - so this
could be done remotely with faxes and e-mail.

Although this is the tough one - this is a perfect opportunity to learn Hebrew.

Good luck.

Josef Herz

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