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The announcement of the publication of the Yizkor Book for
Dvinsk/Dinaburg prompts me to look for connections among Genners

I have been researching the NYC landsmanschaft "Tiferes Achim Anshei
Dinaburg" (and its associated Dvinsker groups -- there were at least
three others whose membership had significant overlap).

The reason for my interest is that, while I have no documentary
evidence for where my great-grandparents and their nuclear families
came from, they were all members of this landsmannschaft -- or at
least, all their weddings were officiated at by the rabbi of
"T.a.a.D." and most of them are buried in the landsmannschaft's
section of the Mount Nebo Cemetery in Queens. [>from what I can tell,
though, this landsmannschaft was about 2/3 landsleit, and even if they
were landsleit, that doesn't mean they came >from Dinaburg itself (as
opposed to one of the nearby towns) so this isn't actually strong

So I'm taking the "Friends, Acquaintances, and Neighbors" approach and
also taking the opportunity to do a thorough research project that can
give back to the Jewish genealogy community by providing a
consolidated source like those I've been able to use on some of my
other branches.

Please be in touch if you have ancestors who:

(1) are known to have been part of a NYC or Boston Dvinsker association,
(2) came >from Dvinsk to NYC or Boston between 1880 and 1920,
(3) have marriage certificates where the officiant is "Louis Klein,
Rev. of T.a.a.D." or "Peretz Gordon, Cantor of Tiferes achim anshei
(4) are buried in one of the TaaD sections of Mount Nebo, Mount
Hebron, Washington, or Mokom Sholem cemeteries (I have a list at

Andrew Greene

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