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Shelley K. Pollero <rkpollero@...>

Hello all,

Please see Carol Skydell's message below regarding JGFF privacy.

Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 09:41:04 -0400
From: Carol Skydell <skydell@...>
Subject: To all those registered in JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF):

In order to insure the maximum degree of privacy possible in a
public website, JewishGen has redesigned the submission process
for those who enter their surnames/towns of interest into the
JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF). New entrants using the ENTER
feature will find all this spelled out. JewishGenners who have
already entered their data will be able to make the changes in
the MODIFY mode.

First, we are offering the following choices on how you want
your contact address to be displayed. You simply select
whichever format you prefer, choosing >from the following three

1. Display my researcher code only (provides maximum privacy
through a protected e-mail contact system, similar to that
used with the Family Tree of the Jewish People [FTJP]).
This is a new feature.

2. Display my name and e-mail address (insures privacy to a degree).

3. Display my name, e-mail address, and complete postal
address (least degree of privacy).

Further, since JewishGen reserves the right to contact JGFF
submitters with information regarding projects or programs which
may enhance individual research, we are offering the following
for how you want your JGFF information shared:

1. Share my details with JewishGen partnered or hosted
organizations which might benefit my research.
(This option has been pre-selected on your behalf.)
You are free to change the selection to:

2. DO NOT share my details with any other organization.

All of the above are examples of what you will find if you click
on ENTER as a brand new entrant to the JGFF, or under MODIFY if
you are already listed in the JGFF. You must go to the JGFF to
effect these changes:

Those using the MODIFY system will need to be prepared with
their Researcher Code and Password in order to make any

If you have forgotten your Researcher Code, go to the JGFF at
<> and click on SEARCH. Type in
any surname or town that you have previously listed in the
database, and you can then scroll through the search results.
When you find your name listed, you will see your JGFF
Researcher Code in parenthesis right next to your name. Please
write it down and consider taping it right onto your computer.
For more information, see

If you have forgotten your password, send an e-mail to
<password@...>, providing your full name,
address and Researcher Code. When you get your password by
return e-mail, please write it down as well, , especially if it
is a series of numbers. When you go into MODIFY, it's a good idea to
modify your password >from a number to a word that you will

Once in the MODIFY screen, enter your Researcher Code and
Password, and select the first option, "Modify Researcher
Information (Your Name/Address/Password/Display)", and you will
be taken to the page that has all the information that you've
entered regarding your name/address/password/display. Make
whatever changes you like and then be sure to click on the
button that says "Update Researcher Details"

If you need help please send a message explaining the problem to

Our final effort at insuring that the JGFF is not used by
professionals soliciting research for a fee or making any
attempt to sell you information or products, is to provide a
help desk for you to contact should you be approached by anyone
with a product or a service for sale. Please address all
instances of abuse to <JGFFabuse@...> enclosing a copy
of whatever message you have received that you consider to be an
invasion of your privacy.

For more information about the JewishGen Family Finder, see
the "JGFF FAQ" at <>.

Please, do not send your desired changes to me. YOU ARE
secretarial staff to make changes for you.

Many thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

Carol Skydell
JewishGen Operations

Submitted by
Shelley Kellerman Pollero, Coordinatoar
Gesher Galicia
Severna Park, Maryland

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