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Micheline GUTMANN

The most important articles of GenAmi 77

1- Boruch (Benoit) Mandelbrot, >from passwords to fractals. Written by Gerard
This mathematician was born in 1924 at Warsaw, he arrived to Paris in 1933
with his family. Despite the war, he studdied mathematics and could enter in
the best superior schools of Paris. His uncle Szolem was already a great
mathematician who studdied at the College de France then went to USA and
returned to France to teach, then fighted in the Free French Forces. The nephew
was as good as his uncle. Among his works : "The fragtal discovery of nature"
complex and beautiful...

2 - A contest on the history of Gniewoszow (II and III) translated by Patrick

3 - The documents for Jewish genealogy in Nice

4 - Five brothers as cavalry trumpets in the Army of Napoleon. By Micheline
It is an extraordinary story, a unique case in the history of Jewish families,
even of not Jewish families, even of all times. I was studding the Samson
family living in Versailles in 1808, whose father arrived >from Germany about
20 years ago,bI discovered that five brothers became soldiers in the Great Army
of Napoleon as trumpets in cavalry. bThey participated to quite all the battles.
We know two descendants. The research of Nicolas Coiffait, still working on the
Jewish soldiers of Napoleon, was a great help.

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