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Dear JGenners,

I am wondering if anyone has succeeded in obtaining death certificates for
people who died while in quarantine in Grosse Isle, Quebec.

Here is link to a website with some information but records for deaths are
only mentioned as in death registers.
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Quoting >from above

* Burials recorded at the Grosse Ile Quarantine Station.
* Information about 4,871 people who were buried at Grosse Ile between
1832 and 1937.
* Deaths that occurred at sea.
* Information on 4,936 people who died on ships at sea, on the
St. Lawrence River or on quarantined ships at Grosse Ile, >from 1832 to
* Hospital Registers.
* Information on 12,196 people who were treated at the Grosse Ile
hospitals between 1832 and 1921.

The name I am looking for is Pesie FURMAN who died April 30, 1906 on the
SS Dominion sailing >from Liverpool with her mother Perle FURMAN and 3
siblings and a cousin. The names in the accompanying database are Pello
FORMAN etal. But this database is for those who were actually quarantined
at Grosse Isle and Pesie died so is not included.

The passenger manifest has accounted for all passengers in 1st, 2nd and 3rd
class and there are no deaths at sea.

Since the names are misspelled I searched for all the people on the SS
Dominion but Pesie does not appear.

Thank you.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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