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A. E. Jordan

Well this is most probably just frustration talking ... but I have
three naturalization papers that show specific details on arrivals but
none of them popped out of the databases when searched. I know
arrivals >from naturalization papers are often fuzzy but with specifics
I was hoping one would yield the family. Maybe I am just pushing the
wrong buttons today.....

Max Baker says he arrived >from Liverpool to New York on the Caronia
Sept 18, 1907 -- and sure enough the ship arrived that day, In his
case I have a suspicion his name is neither Max nor Baker but I suspect
he is heading to Boston area when his family members are. He says he
was born July 1893 in Wolyn, Russia.

John Baker says he arrived in Philadelphia August 24, 1905 >from
Liverpool and it appears aboard the Westerland. On his naturalization
they crossed out Boston and wrote in Philadelphia. He says he was
born November 1884 in Volinsk, Russia. He goes to Boston but I do not
know if that was his original destination.

Jacob Baker says he came >from Liverpool to Boston arriving Aug 30, 1906
aboard the Ivernia. He says he was born May 1887 in Wolyn, Russia.

Somewhere along the line their mother appears to also come over,
hopefully with Max or maybe Jacob. Her name is showing on the 1910
Census as Gertrude Baker.

With three some specific arrival and in the came of Max and Jacob they
seem to align with real ship arrivals you think one of them would show
up in the databases. So far I am zero fro three on finding any of them.

I saw a Jacob Britzke which I guess needs some more examination but a
quick search for other Britzke arrivals did not yield either of the

John is fairly stable in Boston area and shows in the various census
records. Jacob is Jake in 1910 and 1920 living with a wife a cousins
and then vanishes >from the Census although I know they had a child in
1921. Max is only in the 1910 Census but in 1920 there is a Mendel
while the age is way off he is living with mother Gertrude so I suspect
Max and Mendel might be the same child but Max also vanishes >from the

The family that does not want to be found and yield its secrets.... or
maybe I am just pushing the wrong buttons on the search today!


Allan Jordan

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