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David Ellis

I have been stuck for quite a few years trying to uncover the ancestry of my
gg-gf Hersh HAUSMAN, who according to my family's oral history came from
Stryy, in Galicia. I have been unable to find any records for him in either
the All Galicia Database or JRI-Poland. I would estimate his birth to be
around the year 1840.

He married Chana Rochel WAGSCHAL >from Rozdol and had one son, my g-gf David
HAUSMAN (1866-1945). He died between 1866 and 1877, but I haven't been able
to narrow it down further. After his death, Chana Rochel married Chaim Zev
ROTHBAUM and had one son, my g-gf's half-brother Sam ROTHBAUM (1877-1928).
I found the death record for my gg-gm Chana Rochel, showing her parents'
names as Aron Leib and Jutte. I also found the birth record for Sam, giving
Chana Rochel's mother's name as Lea. I could not find a birth record for my
g-gf in either Rozdol or Stryy.

There is an 1886 death record >from Rozdol for a Nuchim HAUSMAN, age 90, son
of Hersz and Nechuma. The time frame is right for Nuchim to have been my
gg-gf's father and for my gg-gf to have been named for his gf, who I
estimate would have been born around 1770. But I have absolutely no
documentary evidence to support such a conjecture.

Another David HAUSMAN came >from the nearby town of Mikolajow. I believe he
was a first or second cousin of his namesake, my g-gf, with both named after
a common ancestor, perhaps Nuchim's father in law. The "other" David
HAUSMAN married Marjem HERBST, and I have been in touch with some of his
descendants, but we cannot connect our trees. His death record gives his
parents' names as Nathan and Charna, while census records place his birth
around 1857.

I spent much time combing the records in the All Galicia Database and
JRI-Poland, but perhaps there's something I missed. Suggestions would very
much be appreciated; please contact me directly by e-mail.

David J Ellis
Natick, MA 01760

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