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Annette Stolberg <annettes@...>

Dear Genners,

I have that my GF Chaim
three stages after leaving Hamburg on 25 January, 1899, for
Liverpool, stage one. Stage 2, Chaim UOGELMAN, due to a styled V
which appears as UOGELMAN, given name Chaim remains the same. The
ship was the Lake Ontario on the Canadian Steamship Line, Master F.
Caney, heading to the Port of Paspebiac. Stage 3 is Chaim
UOGELMAN on number 245 of the Lake Ontario arriving at the Port of
Halifax, NS, , crossing at Saint Albans to the US on 3/99/1899.

The only explanation I can find is the trip to Paspebiac for
embarking passengers to that port, and sailing for Nova Scotia to
disembark passengers who will cross to Vermont. Was it usual for a
ship to travel to two stops such as my grandfather's stage 3 above?

I would like an explanation >from any
genners who kknows that it was common for ships to make more
than one trip to two or more ports on the same ship, perhaps on
the same date. I would appreciate anyone's thoughts.

Thank you.

Annette stolberg.

FAGELMAN and variants:.

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