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Moishe Miller


Using your detail I checked the naturalization records and did find Max
Baker's declaration and petition in Massachusetts. They give different
dates and town names. The declaration lists his town of birth as
Govednitsa, Russia. I looked at the back of the petition, as sometimes
name changes are recorded there, but I did not see one.

Using your hunch of a name change (Baker does not sound very Russian) I
then used Steve Morse's 1-step, specifying first name starting with "M",
surname starting with "B", a year of birth between 1890 - 1895 and
arrival in 1907. Almost 700 results and none promising, so I went back
to the search page and added a ship name starting with "CA". There are
only 47 results. One stands out:

Briche, Menache >from Gorodnice, Russia, age 16, line 2 of page 0555 &
Ship name: Caronia; Arrival date: September 18th, 1907

The town name is very similar to that on the declaration. He is listed
as traveling with his mother, Gittel, which maybe the Hebrew name of the
mother Gertrude you mention. By her name it indicates the trip was paid
by her children, which also fits with the older boys having arrived

There is an M Baker listed in 1907 using the "passengers leaving UK"
webpage at

I will leave it to you to pick it up >from here and see if it takes you

Good luck,

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

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...Max Baker says he arrived >from Liverpool to New York on the Caronia
Sept 18, 1907 -- and sure enough the ship arrived that day, In his
case I have a suspicion his name is neither Max nor Baker but I suspect
he is heading to Boston area when his family members are. He says he
was born July 1893 in Wolyn, Russia...

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