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Dear Bertha,
Welcome indeed!
After looking through my info, the best I can find so far is the following.
R' Hersh Mylech Spira had a daughter Beila, who was first married to R'
Nechemia, son of Tzvi. He drowned in a river during his father-in-law's
lifetime. Beila subsequently married R' Shimon Yeshaya Reich, ABD Ludomir.
She had one known child >from each spouse. The child >from Nechemia was
Mechla , married Levi Yitzchok. They had 1 known child:Michal Weinberg .
See this info at

Can you provide some more background on your own ancestry. What is the
lineage between yourself and R. Nechemia Weinberger?

Does anyone else come >from the Langsam/Spira/Miller/Eckstein tree? The
roots are primarliy Galician and northern Slovakia in the first half of the

-Moishe Miller

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