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Dovie Gelerinter

This may be a bit unorthodox of an approach, but I've hit a couple
walls in some research and decided maybe this would help.

Like all of us, I'm trying to learn the family tree and, to that end,
I've connected with many other trees on a separate site. However, I
can see via some other trees that I'm not connected to, that I'm
missing various people and branches. I'm not a member of their trees
so I can't see names or details, but I can see gray boxes indicating
that people exist. I've requested membership to these trees, but it
seems that it's a common practice to put up stuff then walk away from
the site for a handful of years, so these people aren't getting my

To that end, I figured if I came in here and posted some of the family
names I'm trying to get more details on, perhaps someone among you
would know. I've done much online research of my own and solved many
similar mysteries, but I just can't manage to get these.

Without further ado, if you have the following names in your tree or
know of information regarding them, please reach out.

KELLER/KLAHR (never got it clear how to pronounce in English)

Rather than clutter up with first names, I figure we could refine once
you contact me if any of these mean anything to you. The bulk of these
people live in Israel >from what I gather.


Dovie Gelerinter

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