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Hello everyone,

We're trying to trace the origins of the Jewish family name BRANSPIZ.
We (me and my friend who holds this family name) know so far that they
lived a decent time in Ukraine (in the 20th century), before some of
them immigrated to Israel, but their German first names (we are
talking about names like Adolf, that are clearly not Ukrainian) and
their knowledge of the German language (and also Yiddish, of course),
and their German physical appearance - really confuses us.
I tried to search for this family name in the JewishGen website, and
all I found was a family name that looks like Branspiz but a little
bit different than it in its spelling, in Romania. But clearly, they
don't come >from Romania. My friend, her father and her grandfather
(who were Branspiz family members) were all born in Ukraine.
Unfortunately we know nothing about the parents of her grandfather and
so on. The thing is that it seems that the family name is very rare.
We know for sure that the family name is written exactly like that:
Branspiz (because her grandfather was a red army soldier in WWII and
we found a little bit information about him on the web in a Jewish
memorial book, and the family name was written like I've mentioned,
and in addition my friend's passport also shows that the spelling is
It should be noted, that my friend remembers clearly that her father's
Ukrainian passport showed that he was a German in the Nationality

Any suggestions on how do we find the origins of this "lost" Jewish
family name? We are interested in finding where this family came from,
before they arrived to Ukraine.

Thank for your attention.


Gavriel Yadgarov

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