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Lemberski Evelyne

Good evening,

I will wish to contact Leon LEIBOVICI born February 16, 1930 in Paris
(france) at the hopital rostchild Micheline LEIBOVICI wife GARBER born
March 8, 1931 in Paris (france) at the Bichat Hospital. Their father
Adolf LEIBOVICI born January 18, 1903 at Bucarest(Romania) witnessed
the marriage of my paternal grandparents Reizea GURFINCHEL wife
LEMBERSKI and Simon LEMBERSKI ains than Enta GURFINCHEL (sister of my
grandmother) and Joseph Vinitzky.

I also search the date of the death of Adolf LEIBOVICI born January 18,
1903 at Bucarest (Romania) who lived at 40 rue Saint Antoine in PARIS
(france) and Ides Raihman LEIBOVICI born wife October 12, 1909 at
Capresti (Moldavia)

Feel free to contact me at the following address:

Saint Maurice (France)

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