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Deborah Long <debbietheteacher@...>

Dear Colleagues,

I recently received this translation of a comment about a great-uncle:
"[He was] permanently dismissed >from the military unit by the verdict
dated 19^th October 1906 #1735. The verdict of the World Congress of the
regional patrol of the Tribunal of June 9th, 1908 year, No. 7011
sentenced to prison for three months. Accepted into military service in
1908. Enlisted in the militia on 10th November, 1910."

The comment can be found in a Polish census for the town of Jezow near

Could anyone please offer some context for what was happening at this
time in this part of Poland and why my relative would have been sent to
prison? And if he was "permanently dismissed," why did he enlist in the
militia later? Or is this perhaps an example of forced conscription?
What is the World Congress?

Thanks for any help.

Debbie Long
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Researching the towns of Jezow and Ujazd
Looking for GALAS, particularly my uncle Menachim Yehuda*__*

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