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Logan J. Kleinwaks

Przemysl secondary school records for 1851-1939, for the gymnasium named
after Juliusz Slowacki, are now viewable online and include genealogically
useful information about students: birth date and place, father's name and
address. Many Jewish students are included (religion is often stated).

These handwritten records are not indexed, but are very legible and are
typically alphabetized per school year or per class per year. They were
digitized by the Przemysl Branch of the Polish State Archives with support
from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.
Note that these school records are different than the typewritten school
reports that list students but rarely include such details (some of those
reports are searchable at

To view the records, go to, then change
the top drop-down option, "Nr zespolu," to "387" and press the "Szukaj"
button at the bottom. You will see a table where each row refers to a group
of scans, usually covering a single school year. In the first column on the
left, "Sygnatura," is a link to the scans. Clicking that link brings up a
small image of the first scan with links below it to jump to other scans.
Clicking that small image will enlarge it. When viewing an enlarged scan, you
can press the right or left arrow to move forward or backward one scan, and
there is an icon on the left of a downward arrow in a circle, which you can
click to download the scan to your computer.

I have no other information about this material and regret that I am not able
to provide individual assistance.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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