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Alexander Sharon

Isabel Cymerman wrote:
"I'm seeking anyone with the following last names: STASIAK, SIEMIENSKI,
ISYCKI, RADZICKI and MUSZYNSKI. I believe my father Henry CYMERMAN may
have graduated with your relative >from a Warsaw gimnazjum in 1928. These
students signed on the verso of a picture of the graduating class. Here is
the link for response:

I'm trying to learn the name of this gimnazjum. Student records are still
available in the Warsaw archives, but they're filed by the name of the


Names listed on the photograph's verso do not appear as being Jewish.
Since your Dad went to study medicine he had to attend high school with the
natural science major.

In Warsaw in the late 20ies were eight (8) prestigious male Government
You can eliminate >from the list five schools with the humanistic studies
(humanities) profiles.
Thus left only three schools left for a consideration (those top schools
were identified by the patrons names):

Stefan Batory Gymnasium located on 6 Mysliwiecka Street
Tadeusz Czacki Gymnasium located on 21 Kapucynska Street
Tadeusz Rejtan Gymnasium located on 4 Ksiazece Street. Rejtan school has
actually combined all profiles (humanistic and math/science)

In addition, to the Government Gimnazjum, Warsaw also had city Gimanzjums,
identified by the street locations.
And again, >from five city Gmnazjum, three humanistic types can be
eliminated thus two will be on your list:

2 Mlynarska Street Gymnazjum
18, 3 Maja Street Gymnazjum

I should also mention that there also were 25 male privately own male
Gymnazjums, including Jewish Chinuch and Laor.

Hope this help

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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