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Celia Male's posting on the Tabor Guttmann's (18 July 2005) opens up
interesting historical questions about Jewish residency in this town.
It would appear that Jewish presence is relatively recent and any connections
with the late fourteenth century Hussite reform sect is either very
fleeting or still to be uncovered. What the Hussites and the Jews had in
common was the fact that they were victims of persecution by the ecclesiatical
and secular rulers of their day. The most radical wing of the Hussites was
established at Tabor, named after the well-known mountain of Tabor in the
lower Galilee.

My meagre contribution to the Guttmann clan of Tabor, partially covered by
Celia, is Gella (Catherine) Guttmann (c. 1833 - ????) who married Leopold
Koenig (1832 - ????) in Tabor in 23 November 1856. Catherine had 8 children,
twin daughters in 1859 followed by 6 sons. A hint of ancestry might be
derived >from the names of her two daughters, Bertha and Regina, born in
Prague (Lieben district).

There is a possibility that Gella Catherine's father is one of the five
sons of the Catherina mentioned by Celia as a widow.

One more Tabor Guttmann, Philip, is mentioned by Stransky in his article on
the Jewish economy in Bohemia found in The Jews of Czechoslovakia, vol I,
p.389. Philip was in the distilling business. No date is given but it appears
to be mid-19th c.

Paul King

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