Przemysl and Rzeszow #galicia

Phyllis Cole <phylliscole@...>

Przemysl and Rzeszow are cities/towns not districts. Przemysl is in Ukraine and
Rzeszow is in Poland now.
I believe Beckie is short for Rebecca not Sarah.
I would suggests if you are going to continue researching get current maps,
and 19th century maps of the area. You can always use Mapquest through
Jewishgen when you enter the city you are searching, you will be able to get
the coordinates. Punch those in and out comes a map.
Phyllis Cole
New Jersey

Researching: SCHMETTERER -Kuty,Ukraine, DATTLEKRAMER Sambor,Ukraine

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I just received my grandfather's SS-5 application and for the first time, I
read that he lists Rzeszow, Poland as his birth place. The only other way
that I have seen him list anything was Galicia, Austria and his sister
stating Przemysl. But both of these are districts, aren't they? Can
clue me in on what to do next please. Again, I list my GF as LOUIS (LEIB)
ELIAN, his sister as MOLLIE (MALKA) ELIAN, and one brother as SAM (SIMEON)
ELIAN. My gf's date of birth was December 15, 1889. I also only knew that
his parents' name were REUVEN ELIAN and SARAH. Now, the SS-5 says his
mother's full maiden name was BECKIE BEIDES or BERDES, I cannot be sure.
Yet, I wonder if this is an error because my gm's name was BECKIE, or else
SARAH was her Hebrew name. The more I learn, the harder it is to put the
puzzle pieces together. Thank you.
Carole L. Whitehead

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