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Paul Silverstone

In searching for the arrival in Winnipeg, Canada, of Annie Finkelstein
and her two children, 1886-87,
Finkelstein, Annie 44 f
Finkelstein, Miriam 8 f
Finkelstein, David 6 m
coming >from Volhynia, to Winnipeg

I discovered the following who I think are they, despite the difference
in sex and origin.
Annie's husband and other children arrived four months earlier, via
Hamburg. (Tebel is a family name)

Hamburg lists, s.s. Hamburg, Hamburg to Hull, departing 25 Nov 1886:
Finkelstein, Abram 30 m
Finkelstein, Marie 6 f
Finkelstein, Tebel 4 m
coming >from Suwalki, going to Quebec

Canadian passenger list:
s.s. Peruvian, Liverpool to Halifax, arriving 19 Dec 1866
Finkelstein, A 30 f
Finkelstein, Marie 6 f
Finkelstein, Tebel 4 m
going to Winnipeg

Am I wrong to distrust the passenger manifest facts?

Paul Silverstone
New York
please reply to paulh@...

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