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Take a look at Carmania, arriving NY Dec 11, 1905. The LOSEN family,
Chaje age 50 with 7 children and grandchildren, Destination Chicago.
Shifra, age 11, Daiche, age 26 and Scholem, are family members. The
family was held for the Board of Special Inquiry because some were

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 1/1/2017 12:28 PM, Walter Rosett wrosett@... wrote:
I need help finding names on passenger lists. Even the Family History
Library help desk was to no avail. Dora LOSEFF b 1883 in Veliz(h),
Russia stated she arrived on the Caramania (Carmania) >from Bremen on
20 Nov 1905 arriving NY on 13 Dec 1905. She immediately went to
Chicago where she had family.

A presumed relative, Sophie LOSEFF aka POGROFF b 1894 stated that she
arrived in NY on the Germania Dec 1905 under the name Shifra LOSEFF.
She is possibly a sister to Dora.

Saul LOSEFF aka Solomon Solomons LOSEFF, the sister of Sophie stated
he arrived >from Liverpool leaving 11 Dec 1905 and arriving in NY 12
Dec 1905 on the Carmania as well. Likely he originated in Bremen. All
these persons seemed to have stopped in Liverpool >from Bremen to NY. I
presume that the Carmania and Germania refer to the same ship but
possibly not and dates could be mistaken. There seem to be various
records for these ships but I have not been able to locate anyone with
this surname on any of them for these dates. Obviously I am missing
something and need help.

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