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Nolan isn't kidding when he says newspapers can "add color to your family
history"! There's nothing to breathe life into flat documents quite like
finding nationwide coverage of your ancestor (of impeccable reputation!)
being indicted for profiteering during a leather bubble, or a very
respectable Rabbi's wife being charged with tax evasion while making cigars
in the Lower East Side, or a relative being called out as a customer by a
woman charged with performing abortions.

On the more positive side, I also discovered a previously unknown branch of
my family who had been living in France since the 1880's as a direct result
of finding a "Lost and Found" ad my GGF placed in the Nancy newspaper in 1898.
That lost and found ad >from 118 years ago led directly to locating the last
two descendants in France and, best of all, a trans-Atlantic reunion last fall!

Check out the JGSLI video and then start plugging in keywords, you might be
surprised by what you find!

Sherri Venditti
The Berkshires, USA

From: Nolan Altman nta@... <jewishgen@...>

Newspapers can be a great way of finding genealogical data as well as
stories to add color to your family history. or >from our
website If you have any comments or recommendations for
other topics, please let me know at past_pres@...

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