Re: Nationality #galicia

Peter Jassem <jassep@...>

In response to my recent posting on Gesher Galicia SIG I received a letter
from one of our members. I think the issue is important so I decided to
respond in public.

The letter says:
Thanks, any Jew born in Galica should be considered Jewish, not Polish,
Ukrainian, etc. The thought of my grandparents being "considered"
Ukrainian (or any of the others) makes me physically ill. The governments
and most of the people did not consider the Jews to be Polish, Ukranian,
nor, God forbid, German. And neither should we. Regards, H...
Dear H..., your comment is very emotional and I understand this. The
historical fact however is that some Jews, especially in large cities like
Krakow or Lwow and in particular intelligentsia considered themselves
Polish. Those who live in Poland now and are aware of their Jewishness, like
famous intellectual Adam Michnik, consider themselves Polish just as much as
Senator Libermann considers himself American. The same logic applies to
other countries.

And as ill as it may sound to you (and I don't like it either) many Jews
before the Holocaust were proud to be German. I think it is important to
realize this historical truth in order to understand the true dimension of
the Holocaust tragedy and betrayal.

Peter Jaseem
Toronto, Ontario

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