ROKASH/RAKOZCY problem: #galicia


I've been searching, without much success, for the history of a family
named ROKASH. I have documentation that they lived in Tarnow (in Little
Poland) >from the beginning of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th
century (some may have moved to the Lublin area in the 1870's).
This family has a strange tradition that goes back to the end of the 19th
century. The story goes that one day after synagogue services Shmuel
ROKASH (who was living in Jerusalem at the time) was approached by a
stranger who, after examining the name embroidered on his Talit bag, asked
him if he was Shmuel ROKASH son of Shlomo Mordechai son of Shmuel of Tarnow
etc. When Shmuel affirmed the relationship the stranger told him that his
family originated >from a convert to Judaism of the Hungarian princely
RAKOZCY family (between 1650 and 1700) and furnished him with documental
evidence to that effect. Conveniently, the document was lost, but the
evidence was apparently convincing enough that Shmuel ROKASH and his
brother Haim changed their name to Shmuel and Haim RAKOZCY. I have
business documents of Shmuel and Haim (>from Jerusalem) that show the name

Another interest aspect of the problem of the ROKASH/RAKOZCY problem:
About 30 years ago I was made aware of a book on important Jewish lineages
which records the marriage of a daughter of the SCHAPPSCUCHEN/SCHAPP
rabbinical family with a Hungarian noble convert. Apparently the SCHAPP
family emigrated to Hungary or Transylvania during the troubles of the
1640's and while residing there a daughter of the family married a
converted Hungarian "Prince."Unfortunately I do not remember the name of
the book and have no idea where to look for it.

The name Rokash is rare and other than family documents and Jewish Records
Indexing - Poland (JIRI) there is no extant data on this family. Do you
have any idea where I can obtain further records or info on this family and
if there is any way their claim to Hungarian nobility can be checked?
Thank you, and sorry for the long letter.


Victor ben-reshef
Galil Haelyon

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