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Julianne Goodman <jugo@...>

Dear JewishGen Discussion Community,

I am a junior at the University of Pennsylvania and working on paper
for a class on the Pasternak family. I am investigating a family rumor
that my great-great-great grandfather was a part of the famous
Pasternak family and negotiated with the Tsar to reduce the severity
of the Jewish pogroms. I have a family census record >from Bobruysk in
1902 for Yosel Nelinson and Leya Pasternak. Through this paper, I hope
to better understand the the validity of my family history and
folklore in Russia / Belarus during this time since other families
have similar stories

I would appreciate any knowledge in the following areas:
1) any records / rumors about negotiations with the Tsar / Interior Minister
2) any records about the Pasternak family >from Bobruysk

Thank you in advance for all your help.

Julianne Goodman
Philadelphia, PA

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