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Andrea Simon

Dear Jewish Genners:

I am excited to tell you about the publication of my new book,
Esfir Is Alive, the fictionalized story of the real Esfir Manevich,
the only-known recorded survivor of the Brona Gora massacres of
50,000 Belorussian Jews in 1942. At the time, she was only twelve
years old.

Chronicling Esfir's life in Poland and Russia during the interwar
period, Esfir Is Alive portrays the destruction of a once-
flourishing people and their inspirational way of life. As the
author of Bashert: A Granddaughter's Holocaust Quest and the project
coordinator of the Yizkor book on Volchin, Belarus, I thought you
would be interested in my new novel as it includes important
historical information about life in the interwar period, the German
and Russian occupations, ghettoization, and the massacre at Brona

You can find out more information about the book at my website or you can order it >from

Thank you.
Andrea Simon
New York, USA

MODERATOR NOTE: This is the permitted one-time commercial mention
of a new book of genalogical interest.

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