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I am wondering if anyone else has encountered misinformation presented on a
census record. I have recently encountered two scenarios.

The first is a 1915 New York State Census in which the entire family (husband,
wife and 6 of 7 children) are listed. However, the wife's 1911 immigration
record states she was a widow at that time. In the son's 1918 WWI draft record,
he only mentions his mother's name and address. This WWI draft record lists the
son's birth date which is an exact match to his Bessarabian birth record, which
provides his mother and father's names as well as his paternal grandfather's
name. >from that information I found a 1910 Bessarabian death record for his
father which matches the names on the birth record, exactly. So, two records
indicate that the husband died before the family came to the US. The 1915 census
record is also odd in that the father's age is not listed. It's almost as if he
was not present for the census taker to get that information. I don't know what
to do with the 1915 Census.

The second scenario is for a divorced couple. The husband moved to another
state. His wife and child stayed behind. He divorced his wife in 1920, a number
of years after his move. Yet, I found a 1930 census record that matches the
names and ages of both the ex-wife and daughter in the original home state. The
ex-husband is listed there as the husband and his age matches, too. The only
thing that does not match is the husband's occupation. He is listed as a
plumber, when in fact, he was a sewing machine salesman. In 1940, the ex wife
lists herself and her daughter without the ex husband's name, but states
herself as married, not divorced. The surname is not common. It is hard to
believe that there could be two different families with the same surname and
same given names and ages for 3 people.

What have other researchers experienced and does anyone have suggestions as to
how to handle that information?

I would greatly appreciate input >from other researchers who have experienced
something similar.

Thank you,
Tammy Weingarten
searching: Rabinowitz, Wishnefsky, Grubin, Chaykin, Feldman, Alderman, Phenes
(Minsk); Newman, Jacobs, Simiansky, Weinberg (Chisinau); Sarote, Yanoff (Bielsk);
Weingarten, Lerner, Rosenfeld, Goldstein (Lublin and Mezrich)

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